Superior Quality 

We use only the highest quality materials and employ a robust quality assurance process to make sure every restoration fits your exacting needs.

Exceptional Service

Our team of dedicated service and technical pros are an extension of your practice, and a resource that makes your life easier.


Prices that maximize your return and allow you to treat every patient profitability, that’s our mission as a true partner in your success.

Experts in technology

Experience is never in question when sending your digital cases to us. We pride ourselves on exceling with all platform and processes.


Allcera Dental Lab was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing quality restorations and personal service at a price point that is exceptional. We believe that a lab’s success only comes when the offices it serves are prospering and the patients on the other end are receiving high quality restorations. This philosophy is why we believe in low prices that keep practices profitable and an exceptional level of care that makes the hectic life of a dental office less stressful and easier to manage. Give us a try and see the difference our values and service make to you!

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